Barry & David's Guatemala wedding!

First of all, I want to say that photographing this wedding was a dream. As you probably have figured out by now, I love a good adventure. So, when travel and photography are combined, life is good. Barry and David's wedding in Antigua, Guatemala was no exception. Sixty of their friends and family were around them and under the stars, in 17th century ruins as they exchanged their wedding vows. The colors, the greenery and the history of this place really made this a pretty amazing spot for a wedding that was so many years in the making. There was just so much love.

They kicked off the weekend with a welcome reception on Friday night. Since everyone was traveling in for the wedding, it was a fantastic way to mingle and get a sense of what was to come. Antigua is a town set amongst the volcanos, so a rooftop welcome reception was a great way to take it all in. Here are a few of my favorites from Friday.

Take a look!

Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-022.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-004.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-006.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-012.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-003.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-010.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-019.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-011.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-026.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-027.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-024.jpg

Then it was time for the wedding! They got ready together at the most amazing hotel, El Convento.

Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-033.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-034.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-037.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-040.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-041.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-054.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-059.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-064.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-100.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-074.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-080.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-083.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-084.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-085.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-092.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-096.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-110.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-112.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-134.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-136.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-138.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-140.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-156.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-168.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-172.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-175.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-177.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-180.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-179.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-185.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-203.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-201.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-208.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-211.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-213.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-215.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-209.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-217.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-221.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-223.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-228.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-230.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-236.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-237.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-249.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-256.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-254.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-267.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-270.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-283.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-287.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-276.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-284.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-282.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-295.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-296.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-298.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-305.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-308.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-306.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-314.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-315.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-312.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-310.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-252.jpg

Barry and David put together quite the wedding day and it was an absolute treat to photograph. What an honor! 

Congratulations, you two!


Planner: I Do Guatemala, weddings of a Lifetime
Decor: Josean Garcia
Caterer: Camino Real Antigua
Venue: La Ermita Antigua, Guatemala

2017 in review

2017 was a different year for me. I photographed a few less weddings this past year, but I photographed more couples, people, events and things near and dear to me. It all balanced out and I absolutely love that about this business of mine. It is so much fun to see what comes in the year and what amazing moments I will get to photograph. That is truly what it is all about.

It was a year of slowing down and being intentional while also pushing myself to be more creative. I tried being open to new things and took on a project with The Mom in the Yellow house to document her journey to health. After each session, she left me inspired to do more projects like hers. It didn’t end the way we were hoping and it left a hole that I wasn’t expecting, but I am grateful for her openness and strength all the way to the end. I photographed new families. Some that I’ve watched grow and some that were brand new to this world. We traveled to lands both near and far and spent as much time outside as I could.

It’s been wonderful, you guys! I’m so grateful for your trust to document these important moments. I’m honored. Now, buckle up... this is a long post.

Barry and David_E Session_Blog-050.jpg
Carol_09.17.17_facebook sneak-023.jpg
Carol_09.28.17_Part Two_fb-009.jpg
Rhian and Ian_BLOG-041.jpg
Family Photos_blog-025.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-023.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-022.jpg
Photos 2017_Blog-049.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-005.jpg
Elizabeth and Danny_07.15.2017_blog-022.jpg
Val and Bixby_Sneak-001.jpg
Val and Bixby_April 2017_fb new-005.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-023.jpg
Loos Family blogo-038.jpg
Photos 2017_Blog-041.jpg
Photos 2017_Blog-043.jpg
Olson_2017 Newborn SNEAK-001-4.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_engaged_blog-022.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-094.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-042.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-071.jpg
Gina and Family 2017_Sneak-004.jpg
Elizabeth and Danny_07.15.2017_blog-132.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-012.jpg
Lobello 2017_Sneak-005.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-184.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-030.jpg
Jansson Family sneak-001.jpg
Jansson Family sneak-004.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-012.jpg
Family Photos_blog-015.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-021.jpg
Family Photos_blog-008.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-081.jpg
Elizabeth and Danny_07.15.2017_blog-003.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-026.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-010.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-006.jpg
Rhian and Ian_BLOG-013.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-085.jpg
Olson_2017 Newborn Insta-002.jpg
Elizabeth and Danny_07.15.2017_blog-073.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-105.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-106.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-171.jpg
Loos Family blogo-029.jpg
Photos 2017_Blog-013.jpg
Photos 2017_Blog-004.jpg
Photos 2017_Blog-009.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-054.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-002.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-024.jpg
Barry and David_E Session_Blog-052.jpg
OMalley_2017 Family Photos fb-006.jpg
OMalley_2017 Family Photos fb-003.jpg
OMalley_2017 Family Photos fb-002.jpg
Loos Family blogo-001.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-152.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_engaged_blog-051.jpg

Vanessa & Wioleta are engaged!

These two are getting married next year in a sunny location, south of the border, but they live here in Chicago. Turns out, Vanessa seems to love winter just as much as I do and Wioleta was a great sport, so we took advantage of the snow here in Chicago for an engagement session a couple weeks ago. I met them on a perfect snowy afternoon in Millennium Park that ended in the most incredible sunset.

Take a look.

Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-003.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-001-2.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-001.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-016.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-018.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-020.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-021.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-041.jpg

Congratulations, you two! I hope you two have the most amazing wedding! 

Melissa and Ed are expecting!

A couple of weeks ago, I got to photograph another dear friend of mine who is due in March. It was such a treat to photograph Melissa and Ed who are about to become parents for the first time. I absolutely loved documenting this time for the two of them.

We started out at North Avenue beach and let's just say, they were troopers. It was a chilly January day in Chicago and they were freezing, but I am so glad we did it anyway. 

Take a look!

Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-028.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-004.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-005.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-006.jpg

After a quick little session by Lake Michigan, we headed back to their place for a different view of the city and also heat.

Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-016.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-015.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-021.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-022.jpg

And... it is a girl!

Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-027.jpg

Congratulations, you guys!

Rhian & Ian are expecting!

These two are dear friends. We have traveled together, visited each other's homes many of times despite living in different states, put intense puzzles together, laughed so many times and have continued to get closer as the years go by. That is no easy feat.

We knew it was a dream of theirs to become parents, so when we heard the news that they were expecting and due in March, we were absolutely ecstatic for them. I cannot wait to see them as parents and it was an absolute treat to document this happy time for these two parents-to-be.

Take a look!

Rhian and Ian_BLOG-034.jpg
Rhian and Ian_BLOG-023.jpg
Rhian and Ian_BLOG-006.jpg
Rhian and Ian_BLOG-020.jpg
Rhian and Ian_BLOG-022.jpg

The Olson Family

Here is a recent session I did with this adorable new family of three (well four, if you count the adorable pup) in their Chicago home. I believe this little lady was around 3 weeks at the time of this snuggly session and she slept through most of it. I truly love these in-home sessions, and this one was no different.

Anyway, take a look!

Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-010.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-003.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-001.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-005.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-014.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-037.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-031.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-043.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-042.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-044.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-064.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-062.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-067.jpg
Olson Family_Astrid Newborn 2017_Blog-068.jpg

Gina, Matt and Kai: The 2017 Edition.

As the year is wrapping up, I am realizing that I didn't blog some of my favorite fall sessions. But really, how did 2017 go so fast? This is one of those sessions that I just adored. The light was just right, the leaves were just starting to change and these three weren't afraid to show their true selves in front of the camera. You truly cannot go wrong. 

I am honored to have photographed them a few times throughout the years. You see, Gina is the inspiration for me starting this little business of mine. True Story. So, here is Gina of the former Imaginative Studios with her lovely family... taken back in October when the light was still warm and the leaves were still present. Take a look!

Gina Matt and Kai 2017-012.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-003.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-022.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-024.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-036.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-033.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-031.jpg

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