Gina, Matt and Kai: The 2017 Edition.

As the year is wrapping up, I am realizing that I didn't blog some of my favorite fall sessions. But really, how did 2017 go so fast? This is one of those sessions that I just adored. The light was just right, the leaves were just starting to change and these three weren't afraid to show their true selves in front of the camera. You truly cannot go wrong. 

I am honored to have photographed them a few times throughout the years. You see, Gina is the inspiration for me starting this little business of mine. True Story. So, here is Gina of the former Imaginative Studios with her lovely family... taken back in October when the light was still warm and the leaves were still present. Take a look!

Gina Matt and Kai 2017-012.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-003.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-022.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-024.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-036.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-033.jpg
Gina Matt and Kai 2017-031.jpg

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