Portraits of a musician

This summer has brought me more of a variety of photography work and I am honestly loving it. That means a fewer weddings and a few more smaller shoots than normal. Don't worry though, next year is ramping up to be one of my busiest yet! 

This shoot was one of the smaller sessions and I really enjoyed it. Please meet Matt of Trauer. He needed some promotional shots of him in action, so we started off at his place where most of the magic happens. Then headed out to explore Ravenswood and Andersonville.

Here are some of my favorites.

Matt Portraits_2017_fb-008.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-006.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-004.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-011.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-012.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-014.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-016.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-018.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-020.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-023.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-025.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-027.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-031.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-029.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-034.jpg
Matt Portraits_2017_fb-037.jpg