Ashley & Brendan are married!

I know I only recently posted Ashley and Brendan’s very delayed engagement session photos, but now they are officially married and I am so excited to share their big day with you. One thing is for sure, music is important to these two and that seems to run in the family. Which is exactly why they booked Fitzgerald’s Night Club for their wedding. It was amazing to be at this historic music venue photographing this incredible day for these two lovely people and their loved ones. We started out downtown Chicago at the Palmer House, made stops along the way at some of their favorite Chicagoland sights and eventually made our way to Fitzgerald’s for the main event.

What a day, take a look!

Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-002.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-001.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-004.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-006.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-003.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo b-005.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-009.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-019.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-017.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-016.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-018.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-023.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-022.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-025.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-031.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-033.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-035.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo b-010.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-038.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-054.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-061.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-063.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo b-005-2.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-065.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo b-007-2.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo b-008-2.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo b-009-2.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo b-001-3.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-092.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-102.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-104.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-110.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-118.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-120.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-122.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-111.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-116.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-112.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-114.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-115.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-123.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-131.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-085.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-083.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-124.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-127.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-128.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-129.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-130.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-143.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-140.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-141.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-151.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-153.jpg
Ashley and Brendan_wedding blogo-149.jpg

Congratulations, you two. Thanks for sharing your day with me!

Annie and John are married!

You may remember these two from their snowy engagement session from 2018 with their pup, but it is time to show off their gorgeous wedding now. Last month, Annie and John recently exchanged their vows at The Library at 190, here in Chicago. It was intimate and sweet and I loved every single second of it. This venue is in the heart of downtown, so we got to hit up some of my favorite locations for portraits and their pup was in the wedding.

Plus, can we talk about this venue with venues of all things Chicago? So good! Go ahead, take a look.

Annie and John_blogo-001.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-004.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-001.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-028.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-025.jpg

Meanwhile, Annie was getting ready just down the hall.

Annie and John_blogo-007.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-010.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-011.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-017.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-030.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-037.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-021.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-022.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-040.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-041.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-044.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-047.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-065.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-073.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-075.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-076.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-082.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-084.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-092.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-090.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-102.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-107.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-112.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-115.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-122.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-118.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-135.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-149.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-150.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-152.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-162.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-157.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-160.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-001.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-165.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-166.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-167.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-174.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-169.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-175.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-180.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-185.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-188.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-189.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-193.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-192.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-197.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-198.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-201.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-200.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-207.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-233.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-205.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-210.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-209.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-214.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-215.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-226.jpg
Annie and John_blogo-234.jpg

That is a wrap! Congratulations, Annie and John!

2018, a round up!

It is finally time for a much delayed 2018 round up. I know I am a bit late in posting this, but I have been resting up after a busy year. You see, it was a big year for me. 2018 was the year that took me to Guatemala for my first international wedding and to Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley for my first National Park wedding. It was a year that allowed me to experiment a bit more with my photography and take more risks; it was also a year that led me to photographing my first surprise proposals.

It really was such an exciting year that was filled with so much love, trust and fun. As always, it was such an honor to document it all and I am ready to see what 2019 will bring. I have a feeling it is going to be a fun year!

In the meantime, take a look at some of my favorites from 2018.

BeccaHeuerPhotography_casey and tanveer_2018-002.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-030.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-108.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-048.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-049.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-005.jpg
Catcade Chicago_Anniversary Session-081.jpg
North Avenue Beach Engagement_BLOG-098.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-086.jpg
North Avenue Beach Engagement_BLOG-004.jpg
North Avenue Beach Engagement_BLOG-017.jpg
North Avenue Beach Engagement_BLOG-019.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-126.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-213.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-244.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-082.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-021.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-045.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-047.jpg
Cuyahoga Valley Wedding Blog_062318-053.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-102.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-103.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-109.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-099.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-015.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-011.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-026.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-105.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-001 2.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-104.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-019.jpg
Cuyahoga Valley Wedding Blog_062318-009.jpg
Cuyahoga Valley Wedding Blog_062318-011.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-067.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-082.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-092.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-100.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-003.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-022.jpg
Catcade Chicago_Anniversary Session-002.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-073.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-053.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-054.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-056.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-062.jpg
Catcade Chicago_Anniversary Session-077.jpg
Catcade Chicago_Anniversary Session-067.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-048.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-078.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-030.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-031.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-021.jpg
LincolnPark Proposal_Engagement Photography-002.jpg
LincolnPark Proposal_Engagement Photography-005.jpg
LincolnPark Proposal_Engagement Photography-001-2.jpg
LincolnPark Proposal_Engagement Photography-025.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-005.jpg
BeccaHeuerPhotography_casey and tanveer_2018-001.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-134.jpg
North Avenue Beach Engagement_BLOG-092.jpg
North Avenue Beach Engagement_BLOG-094.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-002.jpg
North Avenue Beach Engagement_BLOG-091.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-154.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-308.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-121.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-090.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-005.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-039.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-179.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-192.jpg
Catcade Chicago_Anniversary Session-073.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-112.jpg
Catcade Chicago_Anniversary Session-016.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-021.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-027.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-070.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-196.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-117.jpg
LincolnPark Proposal_Engagement Photography-035.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-031.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-046.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-121.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-001.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-002.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-037.jpg
Vanessa and Wioleta_EngagementSession_Blog-034.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-018.jpg
Cuyahoga Valley Wedding Blog_062318-029.jpg
Cuyahoga Valley Wedding Blog_062318-044.jpg
Park and Field Wedding_Chicago Wedding-015.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-043.jpg
Barry and Dave_03-03-2018-blogo-184.jpg
Cuyahoga Valley Wedding Blog_062318-056.jpg
LincolnPark Proposal_Engagement Photography-028.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-034.jpg
Emily and Bob Wedding_blogo-118.jpg

Thanks for another year of trusting me to document your biggest days. I am forever grateful.


Jane and Kevin are married, Part 2!

Oh hey, here is Part 2 of Jane and Kevin's super fun wedding. In case you missed it, here is Part One. Once we got to Oak Brook Bath and Tennis, it was time to have some fun. All of their guests were waiting for them and it was an absolute blast to photograph. The band, Hey Jimmy, really got people moving on the dance floor to the point that there was almost no room to take photos, but Karina and I prevailed!

But first, let's look at the details. I mean, aren't they incredible? Fleur Couture did an amazing job!

Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-011.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-012.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-016.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-021.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-017.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-018.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-022.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-026.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-025.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-036.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-039.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-040.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-042.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-049.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-055.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-051.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-052.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-056.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-060.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-065.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-062.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-067.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-070.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-079.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-075.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-077.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-073.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-082.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-087.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-089.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-092.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-094.jpg

This next shot is exactly why I love Karina. I mean, how amazing is this?

Again, this one from Karina was too amazing not to share!

Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-104.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-106.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-105.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-107.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-123.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-126.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-127.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-128.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-129.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-155.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog_part 2-156.jpg

Congrats, you two! 

Event Planner: Events by Grace
Ceremony location: St. Francis Xavier Parish 
Venue: OakBrook Bath and Tennis
Second Shooter: Karina Metts of Metts Photo
Florist: Fleur Couture
Makeup: Patricia Fahey
Hair: Angelo Juliano
Band: Hey Jimmy

Jane and Kevin are married, Part 1!

These two now live in California, but knew they wanted to get married in the Chicagoland area. They exchanged their vows at my favorite suburban church, St. Francis Xavier. And, while I didn't get the chance to meet them before the wedding day, I immediately knew it was going to be a great day as soon as I met them. These two were the sweetest and at the end of the day, my second shooter and I didn't want to leave because the band was that good! It was that amazing! 

Jane got ready in the home she grew up in, which is always my favorite thing to document. I started out with the ladies while my amazing second shooter, Karina started out photographing the guys. I don't always bring a second shooter with me, but I always love when I do have one. Karina was fantastic and we had a blast documenting the day for Jane and Kevin.

Take a look!

Sharp wedding_blog-029.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-010.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-002.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-008.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-001-7.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-001-21.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-031.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-001-9.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-072.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-074.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-077.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-047.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-066.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-076.jpg

Meanwhile, Karina is photographing Kevin and the guys over at the Hyatt McDonald's Campus. 

Sharp wedding_blog-001-4.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-025.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-001-5.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-039.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-097.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-107.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-121.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-109.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-130.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-133.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-136.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-138.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-141.jpg

After a couple of portraits outside the church, we headed to Fullersburg Woods.

Sharp wedding_blog-140.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-144.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-146.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-177.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-174.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-175.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-190.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-194.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-196.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-218.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-220.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-222.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-227.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-226.jpg
Sharp wedding_blog-225.jpg

Part two is coming soon and it is filled to the brim with more sweetness! Definitely keep an eye out for it. Cheers!

Event Planner: Events by Grace
Ceremony location: St. Francis Xavier Parish 
Venue: OakBrook Bath and Tennis
Second Shooter: Karina Metts of Metts Photo
Florist: Fleur Couture
Makeup: Patricia Fahey
Hair: Angelo Juliano
Band: Hey Jimmy