Casey and Tanveer are married: Part One

Last month, these two lovely people got married in the incredible Cuyahoga Valley National Park, just outside of Cleveland. They are big hikers and have made it a priority to visit all of the National Parks. Naturally, it only made sense that they would also get married in one. 

It was such a treat to document their day while exploring a new part of this country. I mean, who knew there was a National Park just outside of Cleveland, Ohio? I certainly didn't, but holy cow did it deliver. There were waterfalls, covered bridges, rivers and so much history to explore, so we set out a day early to scout this beautiful place that Casey and Tanveer chose to exchange their vows in. It was supposed to rain that day, but luckily the weather cooperated at just the right times and everything was absolutely perfect. Needless to say, I had a blast photographing it all and getting to know these two!

I started out with Tanveer and his part of the wedding party. 

Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-021.jpg
Casey and Tanveer Wedding_062318-001.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-026.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-031.jpg

After a few portraits of the groom, I was off to see Casey and her bridesmaids. 

Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-054.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-053.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-059.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-062.jpg

First look time!

Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-073.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-074.jpg

And then we were off to take some portraits in the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Luckily the rain held off because this was a dream!

Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-093.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-091.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-001-4.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-098.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-104.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-105.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-111.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-110.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-113.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-166.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-119.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-121.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-127.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-129.jpg

Then they were off to Happy Days Lodge in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to get married. Luckily the evening's rain held off enough to take some portraits at sunset as well. We were greeted with the most incredible sunset. 

Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-177.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-178.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-184.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-185.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-182.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-194.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-189.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-190.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-192.jpg
Casey and Tanveer_Blogo1-193.jpg

The rest of their wedding will be in Part Two. Stay tuned, it is coming soon!

Congrats to Casey and Tanveer!

A personal post: Porto, the Douro Valley and Caiscais

You have all seen my post on Lisbon, but now it is time for Porto to really shine. I loved this part of Portugal, you guys. The textures, the water, the food. You really can't go wrong. Go!

Here is my trusty partner in life and travel. 

Here is my trusty partner in life and travel. 

Most nights were spent on this little patio at our Airbnb, drinking vinho verde and watching the sunset. We loved the Portuguese way of life.

After exploring the hilly streets of Porto, we headed to the Douro Valley with Marco from Douro Exclusive. We learned all about port and tasted so many types, I began to loose track. The day trip was exceptional and I highly recommend taking it during your visit to that region! The daystarted with a tour and wine tasting at Quinta de Tourais. It was our favorite stop.

From Porto, we headed south along the coast. We visited beaches, small medieval villages and eventually ended the road trip in Caiscais, Portugal.

A quick stop in Óbidos had us wishing we didn't have to keep driving. Once we got off the main drag, we loved every little bit of this amazing little fortified city.  

Dave even snapped this one of me on this picturesque stoop.

Dave even snapped this one of me on this picturesque stoop.

Then we were off to Caiscais for a little rest and relaxation before heading to Copenhagen.  I know, random.

Stay tuned for more travel goodness coming soon.

2016, what a year!

You guys! I have been putting this off for some reason and I truly do not know why. I loved 2016 and all that I did! The couples I met last year were incredible and I was honored to travel to both coasts for some extra special weddings, elopements and sessions. If you know me, you know that I love to travel and this year I got to combine travel and photography. Bonus! I photographed in mountains, skyscrapers and castles and while I was busier than ever, I didn't want it to end. 

Take a look, won’t you?

Stephanie and Chris_Blog-001-3.jpg
Eva and Omar_Blog-090.jpg
Eva and Omar Wedding_Sneak-005-2.jpg
Amy and Geoff Wedding_BLOG-032.jpg

If you are curious what I look like while documenting these extra special and amazing moments, here is a shot of me while at a ranch on the Olympic Peninsula. Thanks to my husband for the photo.

Thank you for sharing these moments with me. I am beyond honored!

The Sheets Family, 2016

I love this family, you guys! I first photographed their Angela and Ryan's wedding way back when and have been photographing them every step of the way.

It is so fun seeing their littles grow up throughout the years. And, while they weren't very excited to be in front of the camera on the night of our session, I LOVED embracing it all with Angela and Ryan. We laughed and played and it was such a fun session to document. Not everything has to be posed and I love that the most about what I do. Real families are my favorite kind of family to photograph.

Take a look!

Thanks for spending a gorgeous autumn afternoon with me, you guys!

The O'Malley's!

Here are a few from one of my favorite returning clients throughout the years. It was a warm, sunny fall day and well, I thought we may all be missing that warmth right about now. I know I have said it before, but I have loved following along with these guys as they grow. Also, getting out of the city is always fun as well. For this session, I headed to Ogden Gardens in Valparaiso, Indiana. 

Take a look!