Agne & Paul are married!

Agne & Paul picked one of the most beautiful spaces I have seen in awhile for their wedding. It was at the original Sears Tower that is known as Nichols Tower in Homan Square. They invited 20 of their loved ones to the most intimate of celebrations and it was such a treat to document it all.

Take a look!

Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-010.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-008.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-013.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-026.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-028.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-051.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-049.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-052.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-055.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-058.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-061.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-077.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-073.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-075.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-082.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-085.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-096.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-098.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-106.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-099.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-103.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-113.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-110.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-115.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-119.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-124.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-121.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-123.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-128.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-130.jpg

Then it was time for the reception where they were greeted by their family and a rainbow over Chicago!

Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-142.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-150.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-149.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-155.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-148.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-162.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-156.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-158.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-163.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-147.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-152.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-165.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-169.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-170.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-174.jpg
Agne and Paul_Wedding_10-01-17_Blog-171.jpg

Congratulations, you two! Thanks for trusting me to document your day!