The Repp Family

Up next, I have the Repp Family. It was my first time photographing them, but I quickly fell for them and am so excited to work with them again later this year. We did their family session in their new home, which is becoming my new favorite place to photograph families.

Here are a few of my favorites from this adorable family of three.

Chicago Family Photos-002.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-003.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-014.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-001-2.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-018.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-021.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-069.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-065.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-031.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-029.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-030.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-038.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-036.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-032.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-039.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-043.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-059.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-073.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-075.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-076.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-078.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-077.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-079.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-080.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-082.jpg

This was a blast and I can’t wait to see them again later this year! Cheers.


Towards the end of 2018, I got to do a short little session with V and her parents. It was too cold to go outside, but I love their views and it was so fun to be back in here now that she arrived. You see, we did an in-home maternity session earlier in 2018, so it was fun to get back there for this. Plus, she got to put on her Christmas outfit which was obviously the cutest thing. V was on the move, but it was so much fun.

Seriously though, how cute is this little lady?

Chicago Family Photos-001.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-005.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-006.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-014.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-018.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-023.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-032.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-026.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-027.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-028.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-029.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-030.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-031.jpg

The O'Malley Family!

Next up on the blog is the O’Malley family! I have photographed them a bunch over the years and I always look forward to seeing them, but for some reason, this year felt pretty special. It is so fun seeing them all grow and I love following along. Plus, they even brought their pup along for the session. These guys love fall and live in Northwest Indiana where the leaves seemed to be on fire this year. We simply could not have timed it better.

I felt so lucky to get to explore such a gorgeous place with them again this year. Take a look!

Indiana Family Photographer-018.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-048.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-001.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-009.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-003.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-015.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-020.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-022.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-012.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-024.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-028.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-025.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-026.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-032.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-030.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-039.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-043.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-040.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-045.jpg


The Jansson Family!

It is finally time to start catching up on all of that blogging I missed out on last fall. Why not start with this session that I did with one of my annual families? This time we headed to one of my favorite locations on the north side of Chicago and it was so fun trying to keep up with them as they explored it for the first time. They are very much on the move and it was a blast!

Take a look!

Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-005.jpg
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-006.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-007.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-009.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-010.jpg
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-013.jpg
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-030.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-032.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-037.jpg
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session

The Henningsen Family!

This family of three came to me as a referral from a friend on Instagram. You see, their little lady was about to turn 1 and they wanted to take some photos of this special time in their lives. We picked a date, found the perfect location and waited. As the date approached, it was looking rainier and rainier. When most family sessions would be rescheduled, they really wanted to keep the date and I was so glad they did. Why? Because they had lined up an amazing backup which was to go back to where it all started, their wedding venue. What was even better was that The Ravenswood Event Center said yes! It was absolutely dreamy and a perfectly meaningful backdrop for photos with their almost one year old. I had a blast chasing around the very busy family in such an important place. More of this please.

Take a look!

Henningsen Family_2018_blog-004.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-001.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-002.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-015.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-005.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-010.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-017.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-019.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-029.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-031.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-032.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-034.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-039.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-037.jpg
Henningsen Family_2018_blog-040.jpg

That is a wrap! Thanks for trusting me to photograph this special time for you three. It was the best!

The Loos Family, 2018 edition!

These three are about to become a family of four and the little guy was about to turn two, so we headed to Adler Planetarium for some family photos. I first met them when this little guy was a couple of weeks old, but this was the third time I had the honor of photographing them. It was a blast seeing them again this summer. So, take a look at some photos of a little guy that is very much on the move! 

AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-001.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-003.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-010.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-019.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-016.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-014.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-013.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-008.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-007.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-024.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-023.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-001-2.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-026.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-027.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-035.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-037.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-048.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-042.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-045.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-046.jpg
AdlerPlanetarium family photos_blog-051.jpg

See you three soon!

Melissa and Ed are expecting!

A couple of weeks ago, I got to photograph another dear friend of mine who is due in March. It was such a treat to photograph Melissa and Ed who are about to become parents for the first time. I absolutely loved documenting this time for the two of them.

We started out at North Avenue beach and let's just say, they were troopers. It was a chilly January day in Chicago and they were freezing, but I am so glad we did it anyway. 

Take a look!

Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-028.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-004.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-005.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-006.jpg

After a quick little session by Lake Michigan, we headed back to their place for a different view of the city and also heat.

Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-016.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-015.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-021.jpg
Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-022.jpg

And... it is a girl!

Melissa and Ed_Maternity 01_2018_Blog-027.jpg

Congratulations, you guys!