A commercial shoot for The Groove

This one is apparently over a year old now, but I am in love with the work I got to do for this commercial shoot and had to share. It turned out to be three action-packed family shoots in one for The Groove, a local subscription service that gets your family moving. Since it was in January, we rented out a space at Loft 505 in Pilsen and it was so fun to be part of such an exciting session.

Take a look!

The Groove_Blog-008.jpg
The Groove_Blog-007.jpg
The Groove_Blog-013.jpg
The Groove_Blog-042.jpg
The Groove_Blog-019.jpg
The Groove_Blog-028.jpg
The Groove_Blog-016.jpg
The Groove_Blog-020.jpg
The Groove_Blog-048.jpg
The Groove_Blog-047.jpg
The Groove_Blog-052.jpg
The Groove_Blog-072.jpg
The Groove_Blog-073.jpg
The Groove_Blog-079.jpg
The Groove_Blog-077.jpg
The Groove_Blog-081.jpg

Then it was time for Family no. 2. Things got a bit wild and I loved it.

The Groove_Blog-093.jpg
The Groove_Blog-091.jpg
The Groove_Blog-097.jpg
The Groove_Blog-110.jpg
The Groove_Blog-099.jpg
The Groove_Blog-100.jpg
The Groove_Blog-102.jpg
The Groove_Blog-115.jpg
The Groove_Blog-118.jpg
The Groove_Blog-120.jpg
The Groove_Blog-122.jpg
The Groove_Blog-125.jpg
The Groove_Blog-134.jpg
The Groove_Blog-132.jpg
The Groove_Blog-130.jpg
The Groove_Blog-136.jpg

Next up? Family no. 3! How cute are these guys?

The Groove_Blog-160.jpg
The Groove_Blog-158.jpg
The Groove_Blog-156.jpg
The Groove_Blog-169.jpg
The Groove_Blog-167.jpg
The Groove_Blog-168.jpg
The Groove_Blog-177.jpg
The Groove_Blog-179.jpg
The Groove_Blog-181.jpg
The Groove_Blog-183.jpg
The Groove_Blog-195.jpg
The Groove_Blog-196.jpg
The Groove_Blog-187.jpg
The Groove_Blog-193.jpg
The Groove_Blog-191.jpg
The Groove_Blog-185.jpg

Go check out The Groove, you guys.

Allison and Joe are getting married!

I met these two last fall when we went on quite the photo adventure around Chicago. You see, they are getting married this May at Prairie Street Brewing in Rockford, but live here and wanted engagement photos in Chicago. So we started the session on Chicago’s north side in one of my favorite places, Winnemac Park.

Chicago Engagement Photos-004.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-003.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-001.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-007.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-010.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-011.jpg

From there, we went to the West Loop and set up in front of one of my favorite murals in Chicago right now. Isn’t it fun?

Chicago Engagement Photos-019.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-014.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-016.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-018.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-025.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-024.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-021.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-022.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-023.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-028.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos-031.jpg
Chicago Engagement-001-2.jpg
Chicago Engagement-001.jpg

The Repp Family

Up next, I have the Repp Family. It was my first time photographing them, but I quickly fell for them and am so excited to work with them again later this year. We did their family session in their new home, which is becoming my new favorite place to photograph families.

Here are a few of my favorites from this adorable family of three.

Chicago Family Photos-002.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-003.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-014.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-001-2.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-018.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-021.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-069.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-065.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-031.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-029.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-030.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-038.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-036.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-032.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-039.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-043.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-059.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-073.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-075.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-076.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-078.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-077.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-079.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-080.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-082.jpg

This was a blast and I can’t wait to see them again later this year! Cheers.


Towards the end of 2018, I got to do a short little session with V and her parents. It was too cold to go outside, but I love their views and it was so fun to be back in here now that she arrived. You see, we did an in-home maternity session earlier in 2018, so it was fun to get back there for this. Plus, she got to put on her Christmas outfit which was obviously the cutest thing. V was on the move, but it was so much fun.

Seriously though, how cute is this little lady?

Chicago Family Photos-001.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-005.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-006.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-014.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-018.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-023.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-032.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-026.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-027.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-028.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-029.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-030.jpg
Chicago Family Photos-031.jpg

Annie and John are getting married!

These two are getting married in June at The Library, but wanted to take some shots around town for their engagement. We met up just before the New Year to do just that and it was a blast getting to know them while we explored the Chicago together. It even snowed the night before, so it was perfect. Plus, they brought their pup along for the first part which is always fun.

Take a look!

Annie and John_Engaged blog-008.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-001.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-003.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-011.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-014.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-018.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-019.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-021.jpg

Once we were finished in Grant Park, we dropped off Ellie and headed south to Jackson Park for something a bit quieter. They had visited Japan, so it only made sense that the Japanese Gardens were next on our list.

Annie and John_Engaged blog-027.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-029.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-030.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-038.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-039.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-040.jpg
Annie and John_Engaged blog-041.jpg

Congratulations, you two. I am so excited to see you again in June!

The O'Malley Family!

Next up on the blog is the O’Malley family! I have photographed them a bunch over the years and I always look forward to seeing them, but for some reason, this year felt pretty special. It is so fun seeing them all grow and I love following along. Plus, they even brought their pup along for the session. These guys love fall and live in Northwest Indiana where the leaves seemed to be on fire this year. We simply could not have timed it better.

I felt so lucky to get to explore such a gorgeous place with them again this year. Take a look!

Indiana Family Photographer-018.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-048.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-001.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-009.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-003.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-015.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-020.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-022.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-012.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-024.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-028.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-025.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-026.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-032.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-030.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-039.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-043.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-040.jpg
Indiana Family Photographer-045.jpg


The Jansson Family!

It is finally time to start catching up on all of that blogging I missed out on last fall. Why not start with this session that I did with one of my annual families? This time we headed to one of my favorite locations on the north side of Chicago and it was so fun trying to keep up with them as they explored it for the first time. They are very much on the move and it was a blast!

Take a look!

Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-005.jpg
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-006.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-007.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-009.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-010.jpg
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-013.jpg
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-030.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-032.jpg
Jansson Family_092018_BLOG-037.jpg
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session
Montrose Harbor Family Session