The Safarik Family, 2017!

This is my fourth time photographing this family and I love it so much. I know I say this all of the time, but I really love these annual 'dates' with my families. It is so much fun following along with them as they grow. This year, we met up at this amazing barn in Plainfield that they discovered and it was complete perfection. The textures combined with nature really made this place great. I hope to be back one day! We were greeted with the best October light and the weather was perfect, so I feel like we really lucked out this year. 

Take a look!

Safarik Family 2017_blog-005.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-009.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-010.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-002.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-011.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-032.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-031.jpg
Safarik Family 2017_blog-030.jpg

Let's do it again in 2018, shall we?