Andie and Jason are married!

I can’t believe it, but my 2019 photo season is officially off with a bang. I may be backed up in the editing queue, but this was my first wedding of the year and I was just too excited and had to share some of my favorite shots from Andie and Jason’s amazing wedding at Warehouse 109.

Meet Andie and Jason. They exchanged their vows amongst their closest family and friends while it snowed and rained outside in late April. It didn’t stop them though. In fact, it was so lovely to see how much they embraced the crazy weather and each other and I cannot imagine kicking off the year any other way. Seriously. These two were amazing and I loved every single detail of what they planned.

Take a look!

Andie and Jason_Blogo-010.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-002.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-018.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-019.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-020.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-021.jpg
Andie and Jason_042719_Wedding Photos-023b.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-030.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-032.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-033.jpg

Meanwhile my amazing second, Rebecca, was with Jason and the guys at a nearby hotel.

Andie and Jason_Blogo-051.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-042.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-044.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-053.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-041.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-057.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-054.jpg

After a few shots at the nearby brewery, it was time for the first look!

Andie and Jason_Blogo-061.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-062.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-065.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-071.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-073.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-084.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-085.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-102.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-099.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-093.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-103.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-110.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-111.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-118.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-121.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-142.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-136.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-139.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-140.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-183.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-141.jpg

Guests were starting to filter in, so Andie hung out in the restroom just before the ceremony. So amazing! Thanks for capturing this shot, Rebecca!

Andie and Jason_Blogo-144.jpg

Ceremony time!

Andie and Jason_Blogo-148.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-153.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-156.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-158.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-167.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-165.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-173.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-174.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-175.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-191.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-192.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-194.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-196.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-212.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-203.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-204.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-189.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-206.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-210.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-211.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-205.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-001-2.jpg
Andie and Jason_Blogo-208.jpg

Cheers, you two! I cannot think of a better way to start my year. What a day it was!

Floral: The Local Petaler
Jacket Illustration: KRorer Decor
Pizza: Wooden Paddle
DJ: Gary Nielsen
Videographer: Our Wedding Movie